Commercial Select Demolition

Commercial Select Demolition

DDI Construction, LLC works for larger Commercial General Contractors and we are usually the first subcontractor / trade on the job. My team goes into a space and tears out the old finishes and throws everything into 30 yard dumpsters for haul off to the landfill. Some jobs will use 2 or 3 dumpsters of debris, while others can go as large as 30 to 40 total dumpsters on a single job.

Our team basically gutts the spaces back to bare-framed demising walls, or exterior structure and open ceilings and concrete floors, in anticipation of completely new finishes. We only handle the demolition and disposal portion under our role as ‘Select Demo’ Contractors.

Example: Think of a Quiznos sandwich shop that goes out of business in a retail strip center and an Orange Theory Fitness Studio signs a lease with the Landlord with plans to open for business in 5 months. Everything needs to get torn-out and thrown away before the new Tenant Improvements for Orange Theory can begin.

Commercial Select Demolition 

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